How to gain Weight in a week

How To Gain Weight In A Week. Most of the people in India wants to gain weight whether they are men or women. Because no one wants to compromise with their looks.

If your BMI is less than 18.5 then for sure you are under weight and you need to follow given below diet to gain weight. So, let’s get start with it.

How To Gain Weight In A Week

How to gain weight for Men

Eat more than 3 times a day, if your natural metabolism is very good, then eating 3 times also will not help you, so start eating 5 times.

Take lots of calories in every meal, every time take meals of restaurant size, it has more calories. Start taking 3 egg omelets, 2 breads, 1 cup potato and 1 glass of orange juice for breakfast. Take 2 bananas and salad along with bread, vegetable rice in lunch. Baked potatoes and 2-4 cups of vegetables or any fruit can be taken for dinner.

Weight Gain Tips

To increase weight, nutritious food along with sugar soda and big pizza can also be taken. But it will spoil your metabolism and you will start increasing fat instead of muscle. So take un-processed foods like chicken, oatmeal. Cook as much food as possible, and avoid eating frozen, leftover and more salty food.

You can do this in the gym to do weight training to make muscles or you can do it by bringing the necessary equipment home. These are important in gaining weight, so try to do it 2-3 times a week. You can also exercise resistance, which makes your muscles, without lifting the weight, push-ups can also increase the muscles and arms.

how to gain weight in a week

Work out on different muscle groups, spend equal time and exercise for the muscles of your arms, back, chest, stomach and legs. For this, make your week-plan like you can work on your arms and chest one day. Then one day for legs, abs and then the next day for chest. You can also hire a personal trainer to do it under the guidance of an experienced person. So that you will not only get the right direction, but also reduce the chance of getting hurt.

Muscle mass is formed when you push the fibers of the muscle more than the daily limit, it can happen by lifting the weight, but if you do more, then you may also get injury that prevents muscle building. . Therefore, with the advice of an expert, according to your stamina and your health, choose the right exercise for you.

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How to gain weight for girls

Thin and skinny women also have a difficult social life and if they try, then instead of gaining weight, the fat starts to accumulate in the unwanted parts of the body, which not only spoil the body shape but will also adversely affect health.

Therefore it is better to think about gaining weight only after muscle weight gain. Therefore, make a plan and work on it, along with diet, make a plan for exercise and yoga, so that fat deposition can be controlled.

Do weight training, it will convert your extra calories into muscle. Perform some compound movements such as body-weight squats, push-ups, crying or deadlifts. Do not do aerobic exercises like running, cycling, it can reduce your weight.

How to gain weight in a Week

  • Drinking milk with a banana daily in the morning breakfast increases weight rapidly. If you do not have diabetes, then add a spoonful of sugar to it, but in case of cold or cough, avoid it. In the breakfast, put peanut butter on the bread, take fruits or vegetables with it. Like bananas, and amla also increases weight, taking it with milk increases weight quickly.
  • Include things like cheese, potatoes, rice, soybeans, milk, and yogurt, these all helps to gain weight quickly.
  • Live stress-free life, weight loss is also excessive by taking stress, it also reduces anti-oxidant in the body. Therefore, weight control can be done by doing yoga exercise and taking nutritious diet.
  • Heat 1 glass of milk and mix 2 teaspoons of ashwagandha powder and 1 teaspoon of ghee in it, start taking it 2 times a day, after doing this for a month, weight will increase for sure.

How to Gain Weight without belly fat

  • Chemomile has antispasmodic properties that correct the problems related to digestion such as gas, dyspepsia and indigestion, it also increases appetite. Drinking chamomile tea daily gives good results, peppermint can also be added to it.
  • The roots of dandelion (also known as dandelion or cookery) contain potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, D, A and B complex. Weight can also be increased with its help. It can be used as a spice or can be mixed in tea.
  • Figs contain polyunsaturated fats along with carbohydrates that help in weight gain. Soak the figs every night, eat them twice the next day, after doing this for a month, a good change in weight will be seen.
  • Dry grapes also contain essential fatty acids that increase weight, so eating about 1 quarter cup of raisins daily for a month is good for weight gain. Eating them by keeping it in water for one night also benefits.

This is all about How To Gain Weight In A Week, I hope you like this article. Please share this with your friends and relatives. Just follow the above mentioned steps and see the benefits.

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