Lord Krishna Stories

Lord Krishna Stories

In today’s article, you can read about Lord Krishna Stories for Kids. In this, we have also written some stories of Bal-Krishna which children will surely like.

The Stories of Lord Krishna or Krishna Leela are very much liked by children and elders since ancient times. There are many Lord Krishna Stories in English that are a storehouse of knowledge for all of us.

Children are very happy with the funny Stories of Krishna and learn positive things.

We see Lord Krishna in many forms such as Bal Krishna, Makhan Chor Krishna, Radha Krishna and Lord Shri Krishna explaining Arjuna the essence of Gita in Kurukshetra.

Today, in this article, we have presented some Lord Krishna Stories in simple language, which children and elders can read and understand and get knowledge along with pleasure.

All these stories are true stories based on the life of Lord Krishna. You may have heard some of these stories from your parents or grandparents in your childhood.

Lord Krishna Stories

1. Shri Krishna and Kalia Snake Story

There was a beautiful freshwater lake connected by river Yamuna. But Somehow a very poisonous snake came and started living there, whose name was Kalia. Kalia’s poison was rapidly dissolving in the water of Yamuna river.

Once a cow grazing man drank the water of that lake, he died. When Lord Krishna came to know about this, he made the person alive with his power.

After that Shri Krishna jumped into the water of that lake. Krishna went deep into the water and started calling that snake loudly. When Krishna did not come out of the water for too long, the people of the village gathered and waited for him on the river bank.

Many people also started getting scared. After some time, the Kalia snake came from inside the water and attacked Krishna.

Shortly after, Krishna grabbed Kalia and climbed over his head. Kalia was a snake with a thousand heads. Krishna started dancing fast on his head and due to fast dancing, blood started coming out from the mouth of Kalia snake. Seeing this, Kalia’s wife came above the water and begged for Kalia’s life.

Krishna asked him to leave the Yamuna river and go to the island of Ramanaka. At the same time, Krishna assured Kalia that Garuda would never attack him because Krishna’s footprints had been read on Kalia’s head.

Kalia was overjoyed to hear this and left that beautiful lake in the river Yamuna and left with his wife. Thus Krishna protected the village from snakes.

2. Lord Krishna and Fruit lady Story

Once a woman was selling fruits. While she was passing in front of Shri Krishna’s house, Krishna felt like eating some fruit. When Krishna asked for some fruits from the woman, she asked Krishna for something in return.

Krishna went running inside the house to give food grains instead of fruits and came back to the fruit seller with a handful of grains. But as he came from inside, the whole grain fell from his hands on the floor.

Krishna repeatedly goes inside the house and tries to bring some grains in his hand, but the whole grain would fall down always. She was very happy to see this and gave all the fruits to Krishna.

Krishna was very happy from that seller. When she left from there with her empty crate and reached her home, she saw that her basket was full of gold and jewels.

3. Why God Krishna called Govind

One day a cow named Kamadhenu came from heaven to Lord Krishna. That cow told Krishna that she had come to anoint him from the Dev Lok because Krishna is protecting the cows on earth.

The cow bathed Krishna with holy water and thanked him wholeheartedly. At the same time, Lord Indra, seated on his elephant Airavat, appeared there and blessed Shri Krishna and said that people of the whole world will know you by the name of Govinda for these virtuous works.

Lord Krishna Stories

4. The Story of Makhan Thief Lord Krishna

You must have known that Lord Krishna loved eating Makhan. Because of Krishna stealing Makhan, his mother as well as all the people of Vrindavan got fed up due to Krishna stealing Makhan.

Lord Krishna’s mother Yashoda used to hang Makhan’s matki in the upper part of the roof so that Krishna could not reach there and steal Makhan by eating it.

Once, Yashoda Maa left home due to some urgent work. At that time Krishna brought all his friends there. With their help, he reached Makhan’s Matki and broke Makhan’s Matki and ate all Makhan. Yashoda Maa reached there at the same time. All of Krishna’s companions fled, but Krishna remained there. After that Krishna got a good scolding from Yashoda Maa.

This is all about the Lord Krishna Stories, I hope you liked these Stories, Please share this with your family members as well. We have also provided the Latest Banke Bihari Mandir Timings. Check that also.

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