No 1 YouTuber in India

No 1 YouTuber in India. Today we will let you know who is leading in the race of No 1 YouTuber in India in 2020. Whom do you think, is leading?

There are many reports that are claiming Bhuvam Bam as a No 1 YouTuber in India. But, he was leading in back 2016-2017, not now. Many other YouTubers have surpassed him in between 2018-2020.

According to latest reports by YouTube, a tough competition is going in between Amit Bhadana and CarryMinati in subscribers list. Both of them are giving tough fight to each other.

As we have seen, CarryMinati subscribers has increased just like Corona cases after TikTok vs YouTube controversy. Also he has surpassed Bhuvam Bam in subscriber count. So now, Bhuvam Bam is not the No 1 YouTuber in India in 2020.

His content is still the best and entertaining, but somehow other creators have managed to gain much popularity in the years between 2018-2020 and CarryMinati is one of them.

In the late 2016-2017, we have all seen the subscribers race of Bhuvam Bam and Amit Bhadana, in which Bhuvam Bam was declared as a winner with higher number of subscribers. But the time never remains same for everyone. So now we are moving forward on the list of No 1 YouTuber in India.

CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

Yes, now CarryMinati is the No 1 YouTuber in India in 2020 as per the latest reports. With the subscribers count of 21M CarryMinati is now the King of Indian YouTube community.

In April 2020, his subscribers count was around 10.9M and in a month only with just one YouTube video he has gained around 11M subscribers.

Also his last YouTube video “The End” which was based on YouTube vs TikTok controversy had broken all records in terms of Likes and Views. But due to some policy violations that video was taken down by YouTube.

So, on June 05, 2020 CarryMinati’s has released has a new video which is a kind of Diss Track “Yalgaar”. So because of this track he has become the No 1 YouTuber in India.

There was a tough fight between him and Amit Bhadana in terms of subscribers. But surprisingly he has crossed Amit Bhadana too.

Also his new track “Yalgaar” has become the most watched video on YouTube in last 24 hours globally which is a great achievement for a Indian YouTube Community.

In past 2-3 months CarryMinati was in the headlines due to TikTok vs YouTube controversy, even Indian Rappers “Raftaar”, “Badshah” and many more have came in support of CarryMinati.

His Instagram followers have also increased to 7.2M from around 3M. So think how much popularity he has gained in just a spam of 2-3 months.

Now coming to Second one:

Amit Bhadana

Yes, you have read write, Amit Bhadana is the second YouTuber in India in terms of subscribers, with subscriber count of around 20.4M.

He was leading in this race from past 3 years. But yesterday, CarryMinati has taken the crown of No 1 YouTuber in India from Amit Bhadana.

Last week, Amit Bhadana has completed 20M subscribers on YouTube. even Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar has congratulated him for his success.

Amit Bhadana is well known for his Haryanvi accent in his videos. He has performed with many Actors and Singers too.

Moving ahead in the race of No 1 YouTuber in India.

Ashish Chanchlani

Yes, guys Ashish Chanchlani is on the third number in this race. He is well known for his comedy videos and satire comments on YouTube and Instagram. Ashish Chanchlani has a subscriber count of around 18.6M on YouTube.

Now coming to the most favourite Indian YouTuber.

Bhuvam Bam

In 2016-2017, Bhuavm Bam was one of the top Indian YouTubers in India. But somehow, these above YouTubers have surpassed him. But still Bhuvan is the most entertaining YouTuber in India.

He is famous for making Vines on channel “BB ki Vines”. Bhvam Bam has around 17.9M subscribers on YouTube. Along with making vines, he also creates romantic songs for his fans.

With his comedy timings, he is one of the popular YouTuber in India.


This is all about the No 1 YouTuber in India. As you have seen CarryMinati is now leading in this race. So now, think for the one who will be going to surpass CarryMinati in future.

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