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PUBG Vs Free Fire– PUBG was launched on 23 March 2017 by Brendan Greene whereas Free Fire was launched on 30 September 2017 by Forrest Li.

Both of the games have different types of players and audience like YouTube vs TikTok. These games can be played in multiplayer mode and solo mode.

Both of the games have an Emulator Mode and can be easily played with the help of a controller, and keyboard.

But most of the users like to play both of the games on the mobile. If we search on Google, we will find out different-different opinions on PUBG Vs Free Fire.

So, we will provide you each and every details of PUBG Vs Free Fire. Let’s start with it.

DifferencePUBGFree Fire
MapsErangel, Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, KarakinBermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari,
Weapons26 weapons (AKM, UMP, DP, UZI, SCAR-L, M416, VECTOR, GROZA, SLR, M24, KAR98, MINI4, S12K, S686, P18C, M249, M16A4, VSS, R1895, P1911, P92, S1897, TOMMY, MK47, SKS, AWM) and many more…..30 weapons(LAUNCHER, LMG, SMG, SCAR, AWM , M1014, MP40, M14, M500, M1873, USP, SPAS12, SG, SR, GROZA, AR, RGS50, GATLING, CG15, P90, KATANA, AN94, MGL140, MP5, XM8, M60, SVD, FAMAS, KAR98K, M1873) and many more…
VehiclesBuggy, UAZ (Open Top), UAZ (Closed Top), Sidecar Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Dacia 1300, PG-117 (Water)Jeep, Pickup Truck, Monster Truck, Sports Car, Golf Cart, Four Wheeler, Motorcycle, Amphibious Motorcycle

Now coming to other differences of PUBG Vs Free Fire.

Reviews, Quality, and Size

The downloading size of Pubg is around 1.7GB with a star rating of 4.3 whereas downloading size of Free Fire is around 534 Mb with a star rating of 3.7.

There are total 28M reviews for Pubg on PlayStore whereas 49M reviews are there for Free Fire, double than Pubg.

Both of the games have same type of beginning and ending, like in PUBG the player jumps from an aeroplane, same is in the Free Fire. In ending the main goal is to get Chicken Dinner in Pubg whereas Booyah in Free Fire.

Pubg is more of a running and camping type game. People are mostly hiding and camping in different areas to save themselves from others, whereas in Free Fire its all man to man fight .

Pubg faces much more issues of Lagging or we can say hang due to its bigger map sizes and graphics, wheras Free Fire didn’t faces these types of issues due to its small map.


PUBG requires high end phones with greater internal spaces and PUBG has PC and console versions too whereas Free Fire is only for android and IOS platforms and can be played on low end devices only.

Pubg’s new costumes are much better designed now than before, but still Free Fire is leading ahead of Pubg in terms of customes as free fire is regularly making more improvement in the game.

Pubg’s longer gameplay time, of around 30–45 minutes, makes the game more competitive as compared to the other. Whereas Free Fire’s shorter gameplay time of around 10-15 minutes, makes the game less competitive as it is a man to man fight match.

Even with the less reviews Pubg has more lovers than Free Fire as the game offers much more tournaments and maps.

PUBG Vs Free Fire Graphics, and Controls

To be fair, the graphics of both PUBG and Free Fire is quite okay for a battle royale game on the mobile platform. PUBG and Free Fire can bring you smooth gaming experience with the graphics level of each game.

However, we do have to admit that the graphics level of PUBG is way much better than what Free Fire can offer. It will not be too much to say that PUBG can offer a much more realistic gaming experience than Free Fire, thanks to its advanced graphics level.


In Pubg classic mode total 100 players are allowed to play the match and in arcade mode total 25 players are allowed. Whereas in Free Fire total 50 players are allowed to play the match.

Both of the games provides you the different types of attachments for the weapons like scopes (2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X). Basically the scope 8X is used with the snipers like KAR98 and AWM in both of the games.

If we talk about bombs, Pubg provides you different types of bombs and smokes to defeat someone or to save yourself from the enemy, same is with the Free Fire.

As we all know, in Pubg the most lovable suit from the drop is Ghillie suit that protects you by hiding on the ground. Same is with Free Fire, but the name is slightly different i.e. Ghillie Bush.

Conclusion of the PUBG vs Free Fire

With all the features of these two games we have listed above, we believe that all of us can come to a conclusion that there is no answer for the question: PUBG vs Free Fire which is the best as each game has different users and players.

The right question to ask when it comes to PUBG vs Free Fire comparison is that: which game is more suitable for you, or more specifically, which game is more suitable for your phone, or which game you loves more.

If you have a great smartphone with smooth touchscreen and 4GB of RAM or more, download PUBG now, but if your phone is not have that much of space, we do recommend Free Fire for a smooth gaming experience.

Resources for PUBG: Wikipedia

Resources for Free Fire: Wikipedia

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